You Ask — We Answer


Who is this service for?

K.C.O services are for children and youth under the age of 25, and their families who are struggling with a mental health crisis. Kindred can facilitiate connections to services and supports in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Lake Country and Oyama.

Are you a licensed business?

Yes. We are a licensed business in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Do you maintain professional liability insurance?

Yes. K.C.O is covered by BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd; CNPS + Liability insurance for the members of the Canadian Nurses Protective Society.

Does my BC Medical cover these services?

No. We offer private Mental Health consultation services which are not covered by basic medical service plans. Our services are $100 per hour and may be covered under certain EAP/extended benefits plans with a physician note for services of a Registered Nurse.

Will my extended benefits/EAP (employee Assistance Plan) cover these services?

Every plan is different. We suggest speaking with your benefits provider to discover what you may be entilitled to.

Do I need a referal?

No. Anyone can contact K.C.O for our services for children and youth.

Where do K.C.O services take place?

K.C.O is a mobile service which has the ability to come to the client as required based on the scenario presented. We can meet clients in the community outside of the home or in a destination discussed during the initial contact by phone or email.

What is your client procedure?

Once contact has been made to K.C.O by phone or email we will ask for a brief description of the presenting concern(s), explain services offered and determine with the client what is important going forward.

What are your hours of Operation?

K.C.O can be contacted any time by phone or email. We recognize that a prompt response is beneficial for our clients. 

What are your methods of payment?

We accept cash/cheque or credit card. Full receipts given at payment.