Children & Youth

Consultation & Support

Crisis intervention (children and youth under 25 years of age)

Helping young adults prepare for the future and aid in the connection to adult services

Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment for children and youth (documentation available post session for families; consent from youth applies based on Canadian Law)

Recommendations for community support in Okanagan

Potential for referrals to a variety of mental health resources

Crisis session through K.C.O with a local Child and Youth Psychiatrist based on assessment need only

Opportunities to be escorted or to attend case management meetings/appointments

Interim support until longer-term connections can be made (based on client need)

Kindred can act as a liaison as required with existing support in place

Provide educational resources and packages on specific crisis concerns

Accompany clients into the acute care setting for support and further acute services as needed


 Opportunities for in-patient support sessions and discharge planning



Information sessions for parents of children and youth who are unwilling or unable to work with K.C.O

Household safety support for families

Goal planning with children, youth and parents        


Opportunities for family mediation during crisis



Ability for K.C.O to be contracted out to agencies in need of mental health services as listed above